Ordering Instructions



RSNs: If you would like a Rapid Shipping Notification to be sent to you the moment your order is processed and shipped, then PLEASE include a SASE OR an extra $1.00 along with your Order Form. Each RSN will include the number of shots shipped to you, the name of the Office Girl who processed your order, your name, and the date that your order was processed and shipped. If your order does not arrive within 10 to 14 business days from the date on the RSN PLEASE let us know ASAP so we can look into it! Don’t want an RSN sent to you? Just don’t send a SASE/Extra $1.00 and you won’t get one…

CATALOGS: OUR CATALOGS ARE ALL FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT IN COLOR ON OUR WEBSITE KillShotKing.com. So you can have your people print them and shoot them to you! Complete and up-to-date “KSK Fliers” can also be printed out for free on our site in addition to our Order Forms. Our Catalogs never expire so you can order from ANY Catalog today or in 10 years. Our Catalogs come in COLOR for $4.00 (sorry no Stamps are accepted for COLOR Catalogs) and Black/White for $2.00 OR 3 (THREE) Forever STAMPS AND 1 (ONE) SASE FOR EACH BLACK/WHITE CATALOG. So if you want 5 (five) B/W cats then you’ll need to send $10.00 OR 5 (five) SASEs along with 15 (fifteen) Forever Stamps. Remember that you can always just shoot us a SASE and we’ll shoot you a copy of our most recent and current Flier. Also remember that once you place ONE order with us, we will automatically send you a FREE copy of our new Fliers and Catalogs as soon as we come out with them!

ORDER FORMS: Your selections MUST be listed in order from smallest to largest and from left to right. IF YOU LIST THEM OUT OF ORDER YOU’LL BE CHARGED 75¢ A SHOT! If you make your own Order Form you MUST include the number of Total Shots Ordered at the top along with your name, shipping info, amount of $ enclosed and any notes you may have. Use the example on the back of this sheet to help you make your own Order Forms! IF YOU DO NOT DO THESE THINGS, YOU WILL BE CHARGED 75¢ A SHOT. PLEASE follow these instructions and always write clearly. You can add additional info on separate pages if you need to. We understand that some Units and Systems do NOT allow you to make your own hand written Order Forms, so if you need a few just shoot us a SASE and a kite requesting some and we’ll shoot them to you ASAP.

SHIPPING: We do NOT add any Shipping Charges to the price of our shots and they will always arrive at your Unit in ONE ENVELOPE in 10 to 14 business days from the day we process your order. If you want us to break your order up into several envelopes due to rules regarding how many photos you can get per envelope or how many envelopes you can receive per day, we will charge $2.00 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL ENVELOPE YOU REQUIRE. We will do whatever you need done as long as you write out and explain your specific needs. Sorry but we do NOT accept stamps/SASEs for this service.

CODE WORDS: If you saw our ads in Hip Hop Weekly (or any other magazine) and you are sending in a “CodeWord” for a special deal, then you need to read the 6 (six) items regarding “CodeWord” deals in the KSK Info Sheet!

STAMPS: Starting September 1st 2015 we will accept 50 Stamps for 50 Shots. Other than that specific deal, we will NOT accept them for photos. That means you’ll need to buy them in bunches of 50. We accept Stamps for KSK Calendars (see Calendar Sheet for more info) and also Catalogs (see above). WE ONLY ACCEPT STRIPS OR BLOCKS OF 2 (TWO) OR MORE FOREVER STAMPS. Other than these items/deals, we DO NOT accept Stamps as a form of payment. See current KSK “Info Sheet” for current prices.

Catalogs currently available…

KSK #1 396 shots                       KSK #11 396 shots               Mixed Action #1 594 shots              KSK Action/Topless #1 396 shots

KSK #2 396 shots                       KSK #12 396 shots               Mixed Action #2 594 shots

KSK #3 396 shots                                                                      Mixed Action #3 594 shots

KSK #4 594 shots                                                                      Mixed Action #4 396 shots

KSK #5 396 shots

KSK #6 396 shots

KSK #7 396 shots

KSK #8 396 shots

KSK #9 396 shots

KSK #10 396 shots

**ALL “KSK” CATALOGS ARE TDCJ/FBOP SAFE. “Mixed Action” catalogs are nonnude but contain “action shots”. Catalogs are $4.00 each for COLOR and we do not accept stamps for these. Our black and white catalogs are $2.00 when not on sale.

Other information….

We accept ONLY Money Orders, Facility Checks, and PayPal. NO Personal Checks! As always, Sales Tax (Sec 151.052) and Shipping included.  If you are purchasing a VIP Gift Card, just include a short note letting us know along with your payment. If you are making a purchase WITH your VIP Gift Card, you will also need to include a short note letting us know that as well. We will make you a VIP Gift Card for ANY AMOUNT OVER $10. You can also create a gift card/ spending account by “accidentally paying too much for your order! Just be sure to “accidentally” pay $10 or more too much!

Kill Shot King PO Box 81074 Corpus Christi, TX 78468 Call us at: (361) 834-5895

**Send us a SASE if you have any questions/comments or need a response. No SASE, no response! Send us “Fan Mail”, we love it!

Email address: killshotking@gmail.com Website orders can be placed at: www.killshotking.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/killshotking Office Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 AM till 6:00 PM Central Time Zone